30 March, 2015

The Ibero-American Institute for Law and Finance (IIDF) organizes a course on the law and finance of business organization. This course will be held in Seville, on May 25-26, 2015. This course is a comprehensive analysis of the law and finance of business organizations. The first session provides an economic and functional analysis of corporate law as a way to reduce contracting costs among market participants. Thus, by facilitating economic voluntary agreements, corporate law allows to promote social welfare. The second session analyses the main role of bankruptcy law as a way to maximize the returns to creditors by providing a collective debt collection mechanism when a company is unable to pay its debts. The third session provides an overview about the main aspects of corporate finance, including how to assess an investment project, which projects should a company undertake in order to maximize its value, and how to finance the company´s assets. Finally, the course provides a general understanding about how the financial system works around the world, with particular emphasis on the design of capital markets in Europe and the United States, and the impact of the financial system on the real economy. More information and registration