Paúl Noboa Velasco

Paúl Noboa-Velasco studied Law at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, being the best graduate of his class. He also holds an LLM in Corporate Law from University College London (UCL). Paúl obtained his master's degree with Distinction. Paúl is a lecturer at the School of Laws of San Francisco de Quito University, where he teaches contractual law, commercial and corporate law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency law and corporate practice. His main areas of regulatory practice and research are corporate governance and insolvency law. Paúl has been involved in the modernization of the corporate and insolvency legislation in Ecuador, including: (i) the regulation of the simplified corporations; (ii) the regulation of the benefit corporations; (iii) the Corporate Governance Code; (iv) the Modernization of the Ecuadorian Companies Act; (v) the Corporate Restructuring Bill; (vi) the Business Optimization Bill; and (vii) the Corporate Enforcement Bill. Paúl has been invited as a speaker and lecturer by several institutions and universities in Ibero-America. Paúl is the author of several articles in the fields of Corporate Governance and Insolvency Law. Paúl is the academic coordinator of the Ibero-American Institute for Law and Finance. Paúl is also a member of the Ibero-American Institute for Insolvency Law, INSOL International and INSOL Early Researcher Academics (ERA). Paúl is also the Co-Editor of LawyersEC, magazine. Since 2022, Paúl is also a consultant of the World Bank.