Mauricio Rosillo Rojas

Maruicion Rosillo is the Legal Vice President and General Counsel of Grupo Bancolombia. Mr. Rosillo Rojas has held several positions in the public and private sectors including, secretary general of Fedeleasing, Interim Colombian Superintendent of Banking Cooperatives (“Superintendente de Economia Solidaria (encargado)”), director of financial regulation of the Colombian Ministry of Finance, supervisor of the securities market of the Colombian Stock Exchange, and president of Autoregulador del Mercado de Valores (a Colombian self-regulatory organization). He has been member of board at several financial institutions such as La Previsora Compañía de Seguros, Leasing Bancoldex, BCH, Fiduestado, Valores Bancolombia, Banca de Inversión Bancolombia, Fiduciaria Bancolombia, Renting Perú, among others. Mr. Rosillo Rojas graduated from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, obtained a post graduate degree in financial law from Universidad de Los Andes, and a master’s degree in commercial and economic law from the University of Georgia in the United States, diploma in community law from the Free University of Brussels, and several seminars at the IMG, World Bank, IOSCO, CFTC, SEC, and postgraduate courses at Yale, Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, Wharton and IESE. Mr Rosillo is a lecturer in financial law at both Los Andes University and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and director of the postgraduate course at the later university. He writes at Ámbito Jurídico (Colombia’s legal journal), speaker at local and foreign conferences and author of various articles related to the financial sector and capital markets.