Julio Riutort

Julio Riutort is a professor and researcher in finance. His research falls into two main areas, corporate finance, and household finance. On the former, he studies the determinants of firm’s ability to invest and the effect that the institutional and regulatory environments have on the availability of financing. He has researched how bankruptcy laws affect the availability of financing and the costs of resolution; how pollution regulation affects the investment of electric producers; how mergers and acquisitions regulation affects the value of corporate control; how auditor change decisions impact firms’ valuations; the relationship between policy uncertainty and corporations’ cash holdings; and how cross-country differences in institutions and legal enforcement impact corporate decisions. On household finance, he has done research on individuals’ savings and investment decisions in their individual retirement accounts, the impact of personalized information on savings and returns experience; and the impact of entrepreneurship training programs characteristics on business development. In addition to his teaching and research work, he is involved in policy work through collaborations with think tanks and international organizations, and as a consultant in finance and economic issues. He is currently a finance professor at Adolfo Ibáñez University Business School, where he teaches corporate finance and valuation. Julio holds a PhD in Finance at the University of Texas at Austin, an LLM from Adolfo Ibáñez University and an Economic degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.