Fernán Restrepo

Fernán Restrepo is a Research Fellow at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford Law School. He holds a JD from Javeriana University and BA in Economics from the University of los Andes (Colombia). He obtained a Master of Laws (LLM) at Harvard Law School, before getting a Master of Science in Statistics and a PhD in Law (JSD) from Stanford University. He currenty combines his research activities at Stanford with a PhD in Development at Cambridge University. His research has been focused on corporate and securities law. Namely, most of his papers (usually co-authored with Guhan Subramanian) seek to analyze, from an empirical perspective, how changes in corporate laws and/or juridicial decisions may affect the value of firms and the development of a market for corporate control. He is the recipient of several scholarships and awards, including the scholarship granted by the Banco de la República (Colombia) to pursue postdoctoral studies, as well as John Hart Ely Prize in Law and Economics at Stanford University. Prior to joining the Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Fernán was John Olin Fellow in Law and Economics at Stanford Law School. His scholarship has been published in some of the most prestigious journals in the world, including the Harvard Business Law Review and the Stanford Law Review.