Daniel Carnio Costa

Daniel Carnio Costa holds a degree in Law from the University of São Paulo - Brazil (1997) and a master's degree from FADISP - Brazil (2008). He has a doctorate (2013) in class actions from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo-PUC/SP and a master's degree in comparative law from the Cumberland School of Law-Samford University in the United States of America. Post-doctoral internship in Law at the University of Paris 1 - Panthéon/Sorbonne (without thesis). He is currently a professor of business law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo-PUC / SP and Permanent Professor of the Master's and Doctorate Program in Law at UNINOVE; Effective member of the Center for Business Law and Arbitration Studies-NDEA at FGV-Direito Rio. He is a speaker on several postgraduate courses at national and international level. He worked as a training judge in Insolvency and Business Recovery at the World Bank for the Magistrates of Mozambique, Cape Verde and Angola (Africa). Author and co-author of many books, among them Cross-border Insolvency and recovery proceedings (Juruá Editors, 2023), Business Judicial Reorganization - US and Brazil - The new theories (OminiScriptum Publishing - NEA), Insolvência Empresarial - Temas Essenciais, Business Insolvency Practice (Juruá Editors, 2019), Preliminary Verification in Judicial Recovery Processes (Juruá Editors, 2019), Comments on the Business Recovery and Bankruptcy Law, according to Law 14112/20 (Juruá Editors, 2023), Corporate Recovery and Bankruptcy: Dialogues between Doctrine and Jurisprudence (GEN/Atlas Editors, 2021), Brazilian Transnational Insolvency System (Juruá Editors, 2021), Judicial Recovery of Companies: the jurisprudence of the STJ interpreted in light of the reform (Law no. 14,112/20) ((Juruá Editors, 2021). Full Member of chair no. 22 of the São Paulo Academy of Judges - APM. Full Member of chair no. 41 of the Academia Paulista de Direito - APD. Co-chair of the Judicial Committee of the International Insolvency Institute - III (2022/2024) and member of Insol International. Member of the Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy Working Group created by the Ministry of Finance by Ordinance 467/2016. Member of the Working Group for the modernization of Bankruptcies and Judicial Recoveries of the National Council of Justice (CNJ Ordinances 162/2018 and 199/2020). Secretary General of FONAREF (CNJ). President of the Bankruptcy and Judicial Recovery Working Group of the National Council of the Public Prosecutors - CNMP. Member of the Scientific Board of the International Journal of Insolvency Law. Member of the Judicial Insolvency Network (JIN). He has been a Judge (São Paulo State Court) since 1998. He has been a sitting Bankruptcy Judge in São Paulo/Brazil since 2011. Elected JURIST OF THE YEAR 2018 by the Order of Economists of Brazil. He served as an assistant judge at the National Council of Justice (CNJ) - 2018/2020. He served as an auxiliary judge for the Presidency of the STJ (2020/2021). He is president and founder of the National Forum of Business Competence Judges-FONAJEM. He is currently a member of the National Council of the Public Prosecutors-CNMP and President of the National Training Unit for the Public Prosecuters. Member of the Commission of Jurists to reform the Civil Code in 2023.